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  • Must be 18 or older

  • Submit to a background check and fingerprints

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Complete pre-licensing Education

  • Complete 3 approved pre-licensing courses in person or online. Each course is 30 hours for a total of 90 hours of class.

  • You may take the real estate sales person exam after completing course 1. Course 2 & 3 will need to be completed prior to applying for your license.

View Realty Schools in MN


Pass the National Test

  • Once you have completed course 1 you will be tested on the course information. 

  • Register to take your National Exam and your State Exam



Selecting a broker

  • In order to be licensed you must be associated with a current and active broker in Minnesota. Brokers oversee real estate agents in order to ensure quality, professionalism, and follow the standards set out by the state.

Questions to ask your broker
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